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From Analog to Digital - 25 Years in Offshore Finance

Frances Woo’s aha moment came when she became antsy after spending more than 10 consecutive days in Hong Kong. She had gotten so used to her routine of constant travel and being jetlagged, that being in one place for 10 days just seemed abnormal. Happy with what she had accomplished in her 30 years in the legal sector and having done every conceivable role in her 25 year career leading up to being Group Chairman at the offshore law firm of Appleby, the goal-oriented Frances was itching for the next thing to grow. Plus, with her eldest son heading off to college in the coming months, she wanted to dedicate more time to family and explore her creative side. In March at the young age of 50 plus, Frances decided to retire from her professional career as a lawyer and leap into the daunting unknown. 

Recently she sat down with Director of BVI House Asia Elise Donovan and gave her insights from 25 years in the offshore financial services industry.

Doing Business in Asia - A Team BVI Roundtable Discussion

BVI House Asia convened a panel of Team BVI Asia practitioners late spring at its offices in Hong Kong for a roundtable discussion on the regional issues and trends impacting the BVI in 2017 under the theme “Doing Business in Asia.” The panellists discussed trends driving the markets, which jurisdictions hold the most promise, business opportunities afforded by Belt and Road, and forces shaping personal finance in Asia in 2017.

Cover Story: The Caribbean - After the storm

Lorna Smith of BVI Finance reports from the British Virgin Islands on how the Caribbean economy can recover in the wake of Hurricane Irma 

On 5 September 2017, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) was struck by Hurricane Irma, a category five storm and one of the most severe in living memory. It wreaked havoc across our islands and barely left anything untouched. Then, before we had time to fully understand the scope of the damage Irma had wrought, we were faced with Maria, a category four hurricane on 19 September, but thankfully we were spared its full impact.

Hubbis' Wealth Talk Summary: Finding Security in the Age of Uncertainty

Speaking at Hubbis’ Malaysian Wealth Management Forum 2017 in July – Elise Donovan of BVI House Asia discusses the role of international finance centres (IFCs) in Asian wealth planning, along with their merits to the global economy. 

Wealth planning, the main driver for the use of offshore structures, is projected to fuel the growth of the industry for the next five to 15 years, predicts Elise Donovan, director, BVI House Asia.

Creating Value: The BVI's Global Contribution - A report by Capital Economics

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) enables global investment and trade which supports more than two million jobs worldwide – 150,000 of which are in the UK – according to a detailed report published today. 

The report, Creating Value: BVI’s Global Contribution, undertaken by Capital Economics, an independent economics consultancy, analyses the significant global economic contribution of the BVI. It finds that the BVI mediates over US$1.5trn of cross-border investment flows, the equivalent to 2% of global GDP.

Hubbis Expert Insights Elise Donovan: BVI drives connectivity to China's Belt and Road initiative

As Hong Kong and London lock horns over which city should be the Belt and Road’s financial hub, Elise Donovan says that the British Virgin Islands (BVI) offers its business companies as cross-border conduits of choice.

BVI Asia Trade Mission Brochure

cover.jpg#asset:1228  BVI Asia Trade Mission Brochure

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2016

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"Business in Asia - Opportunities & Challenges" A Team BVI Asia Roundtable Discussion

BVI House Asia convened a panel of Team BVI Asia practitioners at its offices in Hong Kong late spring for a roundtable discussion on the current state of doing business in Asia, as well as regional issues and trends impacting the BVI under the theme “Business in Asia – Opportunities and Challenges”. The panelists discussed the developments, the opportunities, threats and outlook for the future

Bridging Asia and the World

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